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    • The hidden contaminator

      Many historians believe that in Ancient Rome, the nobility sipped hot drinks cooked in lead vessels and channelled spring water into their homes through lead pipes. These practices poisoned the Roman elite with diseases such as gout, headaches and abdominal pain. Food contamination has been an issue for centuries but luckily, we now have more efficient ways of controlling it. Here Clive Jones, managing... continue reading
    • Look to the deserts

      German particle physicist Gerhard Knies calculated that in a mere six hours, the world’s deserts receive more energy from the sun than humans consume in a whole year. According to his estimate, an 8,100-square-mile stretch of Sahara Desert - an area the size of Wales - could power all of Europe. Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants are just one method of harnessing the sun's energy and their popularity... continue reading